Why Business VOIP? For Big-Time Monthly Savings

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Why should I consider business VOIP service for my company?

Why Business VOIP? For Big-Time Monthly Savings

Looking for a new business phone service? If you haven't considered Business VOIP before, now is the time. The technology has matured over the past few years, making it much closer to the critical reliability needed for business users, while potentially saving big on costs. There are many reasons to consider VOIP for your office phones system -- portability across numbers and locations, easy web access, features like conferencing and video.

But the biggest reason is this: You can save up to 50 percent of the monthly cost of traditional business phone service. Many business VOIP providers offer free calling within their own network and very low cost calling outside to other networks. And remember, Internet traffic isn't taxed, while traditional phone calls are subject to tax, which saves even more.



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