In Terms of Security, VOIP Is Like Email

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Do I need to worry about VOIP security?

In Terms of Security, VOIP Is Like Email

If you're thinking about using VOIP, you've probably given some thought to VOIP security. After all, VOIP uses the Internet and the Internet is inherently insecure. But how insecure is VOIP? And how much security do you need?

VOIP security concerns will be different for home users and for business users. VOIP security concerns are also going to be different for anyone who is very concerned about the privacy of their communications for any reason.

Overall, here's a tip: Think of VOIP like email. You probably send email every day. It's inexpensive and efficient. And you don't usually worry about security. On the other hand, you wouldn't put your credit card number in an email. And if you're going to use email for secure business communications outside the company, you're probably going to want to use a VPN. It's the same way with VOIP. It's a great alternative for long-distance personal calls and even day-to-day business calls. But for important calls, where security is a concern, you will want to think about adding security to your VOIP network, or even using a different method of communication.



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