The Right VOIP Router for Your Networking Needs

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What do I need to know before purchasing a VOIP router?

The Right VOIP Router for Your Networking Needs

The first thing to think about when you're looking at VOIP routers is how the purchase is going to fit into your overall networking plans -- do you need your VOIP router to fit into an existing network? Will you be setting up your first network? Wireless or wired? If you already have a network running off a cable Internet connection, you probably don't need a new router and can simply add a VOIP adaptor. If, on the other hand, you've been wanting to set up a wireless Internet network in your home, you can do both the wireless network and the VOIP network at the same time, if you get the right wireless VOIP router. A little planning now can help you make the right purchase, expand your networking capabilities, and even save money in the long run.



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