Big Names Offer Stability; Not Cutting Edge Services

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Do I Need to Go with a Well-Known Name?

Big Names Offer Stability; Not Cutting Edge Services

There are lots of big names offering VOIP plans. These include telecom companies like Verizon, VOIP specialists like Vonage and Skype, and software/Internet giants Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. As with any new technology, you get a certain amount of safety with going with a big name. You know it's probably going to work close to what was advertised, customer service will answer the phone, and you will be able to buy it at your local Best Buy. On the other hand, you're never going to get the best deal, you probably won't be on the cutting edge of technology, and giant companies have been known to quickly drop or sell unprofitable lines. So it's really up to what makes you feel most comfortable. Do you want to be cutting edge, pay less and take more risks? Or are you more comfortable with a conservative decision?



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