Some Reasons Why Business VOIP Might Not be a Good Idea

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Are there reasons why business VOIP might not be a good idea?

Some Reasons Why Business VOIP Might Not be a Good Idea

Business VOIP can be incredibly inexpensive, and an especially good alternative for businesses with existing large data networks. But here are some potential negatives to think about before investing in business VOIP:

* When the power goes out, so does your phone. You can remedy this with a back-up generator, but a widespread blackout can take down Internet connections as well.

* A network or Internet connection failure can mean no phone service, too.

* 911 service is iffy. Although VOIP providers have been required by the FCC to come up with workable 911 plans, most VOIP providers are still not fully compliant.

* Security: Business VOIP uses the Internet, which is inherently insecure. Encryption and VPN tunneling technologies can go a long way toward easing security concerns, but they will never completely go away.



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