Take the Hassle Out of PBX: Go Virtual

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How much hassle is involved in changing over to a VOIP PBX system?

Take the Hassle Out of PBX: Go Virtual

If you're considering purchasing a VOIP PBX system to replace a current PBX system that uses the traditional land-line network, you're probably worrying about how difficult the changeover and set-up will be. This really depends on a few main factors:

* Do you already have an Internet network wired to each desktop that needs a phone?

* Do you need to keep the same extension numbers when you switch over to the VOIP PBX system?

* Do you plan to buy VOIP-enabled phones? Or will you use current phones with adapters?

* Do you plan to purchase a virtual PBX system, or one that you need to set up and configure yourself?

If you already have a desktop Internet network, hooked up to a high-speed connection, you are ahead of the game. And one way to avoid messy set-up and configuring of the PBX system is to consider purhasing a hosted or virtual PBX. With a hosted system, the provider takes care of virtually everything. All you have to do is connect your phones to the network and then configure the system via a protected web site.



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