Home VOIP Security: Do What You Can

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What about VOIP security on my home network?

Home VOIP Security: Do What You Can

Should you worry about VOIP security on your home network? It's the same as any other security with data running in and out of your home Internet connection. You should be running firewall software and password-protection, to keep intruders off your network. But once your call leaves your network and is handed off to your VOIP provider, it's the provider's job to make sure its network is as secure as possible. And then the person who is receiving your VOIP call also needs to handle his own security. So the best you can do is make sure your home network is password-protected and has a firewall. Then make sure you pick a solid VOIP provider, who will explain its security protections. But really, once your call leaves your home network, you no longer have any control over its security.



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