VOIP Means Video, Too

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Can I get a VOIP videophone?

VOIP Means Video, Too

Remember that VOIP is simply another Internet application, like email or web browsing. So the only thing stopping you from conducting video, as well as audio, Internet messaging is having a video phone. So put this on your list of VOIP accessories you can't live without: A VOIP enabled videophone. It comes with a high-definition screen and a built-in camera. Of course, the other person you connect with will need one, too. These don't come cheap, either. Expect to pay over $500 for each phone.



2/16/2007 12:56:09 PM
Roger said:

Are you kidding me? $500 per phone? Have you not done your homework? You can get high quality VoIP video phones for under $100.


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