Residential VOIP Savings Depend on a Few Factors

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How much can I save with Residential VOIP?

Residential VOIP Savings Depend on a Few Factors

How you save on Residential VOIP depends on a few factors:

* What kind of service are you switching from?
* What kind of calls do you make?
* What kind of hardware investment you need to make at start-up?

You expect to pay around $20-$25 monthly for unlimited calling within the US. If you're paying more now, especially for metered toll calls, you'll save money. If you make a lot of international calls, you will likely save even more, as Residential VOIP international calls are usually only a few cents per minute. In terms of hardware, most services will offer adaptors and even some routers for free or very low cost. So if you make a lot of long-distance and international phone calls and use the equipment provided by the VOIP service, you can count on saving 75 percent or more off your current bill.



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