Choosing a Provider: Look at More Than Cost

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How should I choose a Residential VOIP provider?

Choosing a Provider: Look at More Than Cost

Cost is obviously going to be an important factor when choosing a Residential VOIP provider. You can get commercial Residential VOIP Plans for under $15 per month, or free if you choose a no-cost VOIP service like Skype. But don't choose your Residential VOIP provider based solely on cost considerations. Make sure to consider these factors, too:

* Look at features like call-waiting, three-way calling and web messaging. These should be included in the basic cost of the plan.
* Will the Residential VOIP provider allow you to keep your current phone number?
* Does the Residential VOIP provider have a solid, working plan for routing 911 calls? Not all providers can provide 911 service, which is especially important if you want to make VOIP your main residential phone.
* Does your provider offer a money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee? This will be critical if you're thinking of going with a newer, lesser-known provider.



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