Definition of Broadband

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What is broadband?

Definition of Broadband

Broadband is a type of communications medium that sends and receives large amounts of data, video or voice information through wide-bandwidth channels.

This type of data transmission uses a single medium (or wire) to carry several channels at once. Cable TV and DSL modems use broadband technology.

Broadband can support a wide range of frequencies, from audio to video, by dividing the total capacity of the wire into multiple, independent bandwidth channels, each one operating within a specific range of frequencies.

Broadband systems can carry a large number of moving images or a huge amount of data simultaneously. Broadband communication lines usually use coaxial or fiber optic cable.

The larger the bandwidth signal, the more channels of information it can carry. Broadband usually refers to bandwidth higher than 2 Mbps.

Simply put, broadband is high-speed transmission and what most people use who want quick access to the Internet.



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