Hurdles Facing VoIP

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What problems can I expect with VoIP?

Hurdles Facing VoIP

If the public switched telephone network has one thing going for it, it's reliability. You pick up the receiver and you hear a dial tone 99.999 times. Computers and e-mail, however, remain a bit sketchy.

The big hurdle facing VoIP, therefore, is reliability.

VoIP depends on electrical power. No power, no phone. In addition, digital video recorders, digital subscription TV services and home security systems linked into the phone line can interfere with VoIP performance. Phone conversations can become distorted, garbled or lost because of transmission errors.

VoIP currently cannot be linked to the E911 system and is susceptible to viruses, worms and hacking.

Lastly, a VoIP phone system depends on the strength of your PC. A call can be affected by processor drain. With VoIP, all phone calls are subject to the limitations of the computer being used, for example low memory or other computer applications competing for resources.



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