Equipment Needed

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Do I need special equipment to start making VoIP phone calls?

Equipment Needed

To make a phone call using Voice over Internet Protocol, you'll need a broadband Ethernet connection, an adapter and a touchtone phone.

“Broadband” means your Internet access is high-speed (90 kbps or better) and comes through a cable or DSL modem. A broadband connection is continuous and much faster than dial-up. It will give your phone calls consistent high quality sound.

Ethernet is a wired network that connects all equipment with cables. It is quick, reasonably inexpensive and the most stable home networking option.

The phone adapter is usually given free by the VoIP service provider. It translates your voice into data and sends it through the Internet like an e-mail.

Once the equipment is in place, making a VoIP phone call is just like making a regular phone call. Only cheaper.



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