VOIP Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a VoIP phone call?

Do I need special equipment to start making VoIP phone calls?

What problems can I expect with VoIP?

What is broadband?

What is VoIP?

How is packet switching different from circuit switching?

Is a VoIP phone service better than regular phone service?

Why is a VoIP network better than a circuit-switched network?

How does packet-switching work?

What makes packet switching so great?

Do free VOIP services match the hype?

Can a free VOIP service be used as a primary phone?

Is there truly free VOIP out there?

What equipment do I need for free VOIP?

How can I choose a free VOIP provider?

Should I consider VOIP for my business?

Are there reasons why business VOIP might not be a good idea?

How expensive is Business VOIP?

How do I pick a Business VOIP provider?

Should I worry about security wirh Business VOIP?

What about a hosted business VOIP solution?

Is Skype an alternative for Business VOIP?

Can you use Business VOIP on the road?

How difficult is it to add Business VOIP to an existing data network?

Do I need a consultant to implement Business VOIP?

Should I consider Residential VOIP?

How should I choose a Residential VOIP provider?

What kind of hardware do I need for Residential VOIP?

What about Residential VOIP voice quality?

Should I worry about 911?

How much can I save with Residential VOIP?

Should I consider Skype or another free Residential VOIP service?

Why don't I have to pay taxes on Residential VOIP?

Are my Residential VOIP calls secure?

Will by Residential VOIP service work in a power outage?

What's the easiest way to set up VOIP?

Can I integrate VOIP into my existing wireless network?

Can I talk to someone, or is it all done by the Web?

Will I need technical help setting up VOIP at my business?

What about setting up VOIP security?

What equipment do I need to have to set up my own VOIP?

Are there classes available in setting up VOIP?

How do I go about setting up VOIP for all the phones in my house

How do I set up 911 services when setting up VOIP?

Can I Keep My Old Number When Setting Up VOIP?

Do 911 calls work with VOIP?

Do free VOIP providers offer 911 service?

Which provider offers the best 911 coverage?

How can I check to see if my VOIP 911 has bee enabled

What is my provider doing about VOIP 911 service?

Are these VOIP Phones any good?

Would I be better off with a VOIP headset?

Can I get a VOIP videophone?

Can I connect to VOIP without building a home network?

What about VOIP speakerphones

Can I use an inexpensive webcam with my VOIP service?

What is the VOIP Mouse?

Can you make VOIP calls from your Treo?

What's coming this fall for new VOIP accessories.

What's comnig in the future for VOIP over WiFi?

What do I need to look at when making a decision about VOIP plans?

How much should I pay for a VOIP plan?

What About Free VOIP Plans?

How do I choose a VOIP plan?

Do I Need to Go with a Well-Known Name?

What if I don't like my VOIP Plan?

Can I find a VOIP plan that will include hardware and set-up?

Can I get a VOIP plan for my business?

Can I get services like caller ID with my VOIP plan?

What's the difference between VOIP plans?

What do I need to know before purchasing a VOIP router?

Do I have to buy a router from my VOIP company?

What if I already have a router?

What is the best brand of VOIP router?

Do I have to have a VOIP router?

Do I need to worry about VOIP security?

Do I need to worry about VOIP security on my own network?

What about VOIP security on my home network?

Is VOIP secure enough to use for my business?

How secure is VOIP compared to my phone?

What's the easiest way to set up IP PBX service?

Can I get IP PBX-style services for a home office or virtual office?

What's the easiest way to make video phone calls?

Why would I want to use an IP video phone?

How does residential VOIP compare in cost to cable?

How does residential VOIP compare to cable in terms of video calling?

How does residential VOIP compare to cable in terms of portability?

Why should I consider business VOIP service for my company?

How difficult is it to install a Business VOIP Office Phone System?

Do I need special office telephones for business VOIP?

Can I get full PBX services from a Business VOIP provider?

Can a small business get inexpensive business VOIP service?

How can I make sure my VOIP calls are secure?

Can I get free local and long-distance calling witrh by VOIP phone service?

Can I do video calling with my VOIP plan?

Can I get a better deal by paying up front, rather than monthly?

Why do I have to pay more for international calls?

How do I know if my VOIP provider offers e911 services?

What is a hosted IP PBX service?

How does a hosted IP PBX system work?

Why do I need to pay a VOIP provider?

How limited are these "free" VOIP plans?

Can I get a free VOIP service for when I am on the road?

How much hassle is involved in changing over to a VOIP PBX system?

What features can I get with a VOIP PBX system?

Can I get help setting up a VOIP PBX system, if I need it?

How much will it cost me for VOIP phones for my new PBX system?

Do I need to have a VOIP phone for my home service?

What accessories to I need to maek PBX conference calls?

Do I have to buy a router with VOIP service?

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